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Vocalist - Educator - Songwriter - Arranger

Alisha Oliver is a talented and versatile vocalist based in Toronto, Ontario. A performer and band leader, she is able to move skillfully through many genres, styles, and eras of music. Alisha performs for audiences in venues as varied a 1000+ person theatres, intimate night clubs, restaurants, and wedding halls.

At the age of 7 Alisha began her music education. She learned to read music and sing classically at the Royal Conservatory. For 11 years she studied classical music in four different languages.  A good dose of musical theatre and pop music performances added exposure to contemporary music.

Graduating from the Humber College Music Program  with a BA in Music/Voice in 2018 Alisha was ready to expand her musical horizons and nurture her creative side. Through the study of jazz, contemporary pop, and R&B, Alisha developed her skills as a singer, songwriter and arranger. Studying with Sienna Dahlen, Alisha focused further on using her voice to serve the composition and express emotion and style.

Alisha began singing with the Toronto All-Star Big Band in 2016. Singing with a big band she developed her performance skills, and began to increase her musical repertoire. A passion was found for group singing. New musical opportunities continued to present themselves  performing solo, in combos, trios and duos, as well as background singing. 


Alisha continues to perform in and around the GTA. She performs with a variety of groups in many different styles. Her favourites are jazz, pop, r&b, and country. 

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