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She's Funny That Way

A new musical collective based in Toronto that strives to exemplify and encourage inclusivity in the jazz community through the modernization of traditional jazz styles.

She’s Funny That Way is a musical collective based in Toronto, Ontario founded by Alisha Oliver and Alisa Kanda Kovac. SFTW aims to modernize classic jazz standards to fit today’s societal norms while paying homage to historical jazz artists, particularly women. STFW’s retro vocal style in combination with updated lyrics and presentation helps bridge the gap between old and new generation audiences. She’s Funny That Way strives to carve a space in the arts community for minority groups to encourage inclusivity and positive change in Toronto's music scene through leading by example, and normalizing collectives composed of artists from all backgrounds. SFTW aims to reinforce the cultural significance of women in jazz by paying homage to female jazz artists who are often overlooked in modern day jazz education and the music industry at large.

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Baby This, Baby That!

Baby This, Baby That! is the debut EP from the new collective She's Funny That Way. The EP features modernized arrangements and adaptations of classic jazz standards in three part female harmony. All the selections on the EP were inspired by historical recordings performed by women including Julie London, the Andrews Sisters and the McGuire Sisters, with a modern jazz feel. 


The arrangements stay true to the integrity of the musical selections, while modernizing their intention to reflect modern day values. Songs were selected with modern cultural values in mind, specifically to call attention how cultural progressions can change the interpretation of classic songs. 

Inspired by women in jazz, SFTW had the goal to bring jazz "back to basics" (but without the discrimination). Baby This, Baby That! was recorded live off the floor (with the exception of the featured horns due to the pandemic) at Union Sound Company in Toronto, giving the project an authentic, classic sound. Baby This, Baby That! features a combination of experienced and up and coming artists and engineers in the city of Toronto. She’s Funny That Way strived to create an authentic musical performance heard on old recordings from the original era of swing, to bring a connectedness and life into the project that is not often heard in modern music, and to showcase authentic artistic performances from local musicians. 

Baby This, Baby That! is funded by the Ontario Arts Council, and was released on June 1, 2022. Available to listen on all streaming services! Physical CD's to come soon! 

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Vocals: Alisa Kanda Kovac / Alisha Oliver / Joanna Majoko

Guest Vocalist: Donovan Locke 

Saxophone: Jesse Ryan 

Clarinet: Virginia MacDonald

Piano: Elliot Jarmain

Bass: Erik Larson

Drums: Jon Catanus

Audio Engineer: Darren McGill 

Mixing Engineer: Andrew Chung 

Mastering Engineer: Justin Gray 

Arrangers: Alisha Oliver / Erik Larson

Producers: Alisa Kanda Kovac / Alisha Oliver / Devika Khanduja

Recorded at: Union Sound Company in Toronto

Mixed / Mastered at: Synthesis Sound / Immersive Mastering 

Photography: Megan Moon

Funded by Ontario Arts Council


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